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Customization: Printing Umbrellas


For rain umbrellas, there are two options for printing:

1. Local Printing

  • How it Works: We add your logo to products we have in stock.
  • Advantages: Quick turnaround and low minimums.
  • Disadvantages: Since the umbrellas are already constructed, we can only print on the flattest part of the panel (in the bottom centre of each panel). Limited to quantities and fabric colours we have in stock.
  • Minimum Order: 24 units
  • Lead Time: 2-3 weeks plus shipping time.

2. Overseas Printing

  • How it Works: We produce your umbrella at our factory overseas and ship them in with an incoming stock order.
  • Advantages: Since we print the panels at our factory before the fabric is sewn together and put on the frame, we can accomplish full colour, all over-prints.
  • Disadvantages: Long lead times.
  • Minimum Order: 100 units.
  • Lead Time: Varies, but typically ranges between 3-5 months.


    There are three ways for us to print on an umbrella: screen printing, heat transfer and digital sublimation.

    In this method, a mesh screen is made with a stencil of your logo burned into it. Ink is squeezed through the screen and onto the umbrella panel. Screen printing is for solid colours only (no gradients), up to 4 colours maximum. This is the most economical print method and is the most common.

    In this method, your logo is digitally printed onto a vinyl substrate, cut out, and heat pressed onto the panel. This method is for multi-colour logos or logos with gradients.


    In this method, the entire panels are printed in full colour. The dye particles in the inks covert into gas and bond to the fibers of the fabric. This is the most versatile print method since anything can be accomplished, but it is also the most expensive and has a higher minimum order quantity.



    Please get in touch if you have any questions!