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Corporate Gift Umbrellas


Corporate Gifts

An umbrella with your logo and/or branding on it can make a memorable and useful gift to give your customers and/or employees. A good quality umbrella will give your customer/employee a good impression of your brand and it will last a long time, reminding your customer/employee of you each time they use it.

Should I Give a Long or a Compact or a Golf?

Trying to decide which type of umbrella to give?

  • Compact Umbrellas: We recommend Compact umbrellas when convenience and portability are the priority, since they fold up to a smaller size and can fit in a bag or purse. E.g. For conferences and/or for travel or commuting to/from work.
  • Long Umbrellas: We recommend our Long umbrellas when strength and durability is the priority. Since they have less folding parts, they are inherently stronger than Compacts.
  • Golf Umbrellas: The Golf umbrella is equally as strong as a Long umbrella but is a larger size for more coverage. We typically recommend them for outdoor events and sports (soccer, golf etc.)