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Cheeky Umbrella - The Source for High Quality Custom Umbrellas

Corporate Gifts That Will Impress Your Customers

When you want to give your customers a memorable gift to show your appreciation, you don’t want to give something boring or impractical, and you definitely don’t want to give something poor quality…nothing could be more embarassing than a gift that looks cheap or breaks easily! Our umbrellas are sure to impress your customers - they are unique, useful and high quality….at an affordable price. We do it by manufacturing our own products and selling them direct to the end customer (no middleman), allowing us to offer the best quality and service for less. 

We can customize our umbrellas for your business by adding your logo to one of our in-stock products, or by creating a completely customized umbrella for you at our overseas factory.   Our customers include:  law firms, accounting firms, engineering/construction companies, realtors, design agencies, boutique hotels and more.