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Classic Long Umbrella With Custom Logo

This umbrella was designed for versatility and is our top seller.  Its durability and classic design allows it to easily transition from casual to professional, making it a great umbrella for any activity - walking the dog to a business outing.  Add your logo to 1, 2 or 4 panels.


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$25.00USD $12.50USD + printing


    • Steel shaft that adds strength to the umbrella.
    • Fiberglass ribs designed to bend and flex in the wind instead of snapping like traditional metal ribs that have no flexibility. See video demonstration of fiberglass ribs below.
    • Stain & mildew-resistant, durable, quick-drying nylon fabric.
    • Reinforced tips on the ends of the ribs. The traditional metal tips on other umbrellas frequently come off and/or tear the fabric. These tips are designed to stay sewn on far longer and almost eliminate the tearing on the fabric.
    • Matte black hook handle that is easy to hold and can hook on a bag or arm when not in use.
      • Easy automatic opening.
        • 23" ribs, 46" arc; diameter is approximately 40" when open; length is approximately 35" from end-to-end when closed.
        • Lifetime Repair Guarantee
          • Fabric colours available:
              • Black
                • White
                  • Navy
                    • Grey
                      • Yellow
                        • Orange
                          • Sky Blue
                            • Red
                              • Wine/Burgundy
                                • Moss Green
                                  • Hunter Green