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Commercial Patio Umbrellas

Create a patio that will attract your customers

Our high quality, custom patio umbrellas will provide a comfortable, good-looking outdoor environment for your an affordable price.

Durable Frames

Durable Frames

Our frames have fiberglass ribs that have the ability to flex in the wind without breaking and are rust-free.

Fade Resistant Fabrics

Fade-Resistant Fabrics

Our fabrics have 4 - 10 times more fade-resistance as traditional dip-dyed polyester.

Premium Printing

Premium Printing

Our inks and printing process are the best in the business, ensuring your logo looks vibrant, colour-accurate and the size and positioning is perfect on the panel.


Promotional Aluminum Patio Umbrella - 6 foot Round

5 colors available Minimum order 4 units $105USD + printing

Pub Fiberglass Patio Umbrella - 7 foot Round

1 color available Minimum order 4 units $150USD + printing

Cafe Fiberglass Square Patio Umbrella - 5 foot x 5 foot

12+ colors available Minimum order 3 units $180USD + printing

Cafe Fiberglass Square Patio Umbrella - 6 foot x 6 foot

12+ colors available Minimum order 3 units $245USD + printing

Restaurant Fiberglass Round Patio Umbrella - 6 foot

12+ colors available Minimum order 3 units $215USD + printing

Restaurant Fiberglass Round Patio Umbrella - 7 foot

12+ colors available Minimum order 3 units $235USD + printing

Restaurant Fiberglass Round Patio Umbrella - 8 foot

12+ colors available Minimum order 3 units $245USD + printing

Restaurant Fiberglass Round Patio Umbrella - 9 Foot

12+ colors available Minimum order 3 units $260USD + printing

Fiberglass Square Offset Patio Umbrella - 10 foot x 10 foot

12+ colors available Minimum order 3 units $1570USD + printing

25kg Black Cement Base

1 color available Minimum order 3 units $80USD

35kg Black Granite Base

1 color available Minimum order 3 units $150USD

35kg Black Steel Base

1 color available Minimum order 3 units $255USD

Night Covers

1 color available Minimum order 3 units Contact us for a quote

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Why should I purchase custom patio umbrellas for my business?

  • 1. Comfort. Patio umbrellas provide shade from the sun, providing a comfortable place for your customers to sit or dine.
  • 2. Visibility. Patio umbrellas draw attention to your patio from passersby.
  • 3. Signage/Branding. Whether you choose to use fabric in your brand colours and/or print your logo on the umbrellas, they attract attention to your business and increase awareness.

What are my production options for my custom patio umbrellas?


How It Works: We add your logo to in-stock patio umbrellas via the screen printing method or heat transfer method.

Limitations: Since we can’t print too close to panel edges and seams, we are limited to printing in the bottom centre portion of each panel. Plus you are limited to the frame sizes and fabric colours we have in stock.

Minimum order: 4 units.

Production time: 2 weeks.


How It Works: We stock frames in our warehouse and custom make the covers in the fabric you choose at our factory overseas and then air freight them here.

Limitations: You are limited to the frame sizes, colours and shapes we have in stock.

Minimum Order: 4 units.

Production Time: 4 weeks.


How It Works: You can customize the entire umbrella – from fabric colour to size to finish.

Limitations: None.

Minimum Order: 50 units for centre pole umbrellas, 5 units for offset/cantilever umbrellas.

Production Time: 10+ weeks depending on frame type.

What is your ordering process?

Step 1: Quote. Let us know which umbrella you are interested in, show us your logo, and provide us your quantity, and we will provide pricing. Complete our Quote Request Form here.

Step 2: 50% Deposit. We require a 50% deposit up front to confirm the order. We can accept cheques, Visa or Mastercard.

Step 3: Logo/Artwork. If we are adding a logo to the umbrella, we require your logo in a vector format AI or EPS file of your logo. If you do not have your logo in this format, our designer can usually re-draw it for a fee of approx $50. If we are creating an all-over print at our overseas factory for you with a photographic image, we require the image in high resolution (at least 300dpi).

Step 4: Mock-up. We provide a digital mock-up for your approval before we proceed with production.

Step 5: Delivery. Your beautiful new umbrellas are delivered within the timeline given when the order was placed!

What is your warranty?

We stand behind our custom umbrellas with a One Year Quality Guarantee. If your umbrella does not perform up to your expectations in the first year, we will provide a replacement, repair or refund.

Some of the fabrics have a further fade-resistance warranty…please see the individual product pages for more information.

If your patio umbrella is beyond the warranty, we are happy to provide replacement parts or replacement fabric covers whenever possible. Please contact us for pricing.

How do I understand the differences between umbrellas?

You can read our Buyer’s Guide for Patio Umbrellas here or you can ask us for our help and advice!

Commercial Patio Umbrellas

Commercial patio umbrella Big Bill was created especially intended for the requirements of food and contract business. Not any compromises when it arrives to easy and quick operation, flexible options and accessories mainly because well as its powerful construction. Offering spacious insurance for multiple table configurations and several seating types, the commercial patio umbrella could be the perfect resort or perhaps restaurant shade solution.

Intro to Commercial Patio Umbrellas

Commercial patio umbrellas in addition to custom patio umbrellas consist of umbrellas of varied sizes, elements, and styles which can be best suited for commercial use throughout settings such as best hotels, resorts, restaurants, and even other businesses. Umbrellas of which earn a commercial deck rating are crafted simply using the finest supplies and top-quality fabrics, applying superior craftsmanship techniques in order to ensure lasting durability plus aesthetic appeal. As professional patio umbrellas see significantly more use than individuals in residential or normally private settings, commercial outdoor umbrellas includes styles in order to appeal to every artistic vision, atmosphere, and organization need.

Benefits of Professional Patio Umbrellas

Commercial patio umbrellas have several benefits over residential umbrellas. Professional quality models are designed from premium materials best suited for the constant in addition to daily use required of those in industry settings. These types of umbrellas feature the similar functional accessories of household umbrellas meaning there is definitely no need to lose functionality when buying the outdoor commercial umbrella. Furthermore, Cheeky Umbrella has the trade program while giving competitive discount pricing in products purchased in significant quantities, making it less difficult and more cost-effective to be able to outfit your commercial area with all the shade protection that needs.

Decorating with Commercial Patio Umbrellas

Nearly just about every outdoor space can end up being improved with the add-on of a market coverage or even a commercial umbrella. Umbrellas bring a pop regarding color, dimensional decor, in addition to functional shade protection in order to any setting, adding plot and comfort for visitors. Just as in non commercial settings, custom patio umbrellas can set the firmness for any space, in addition to help define the id of any hotel, eating place, or resort. Small hexagon umbrellas stationed over little dining tables can generate an atmosphere of closeness and charm, whereas the largest umbrellas associated along with chaise lounges on a new pool deck can add to a relaxed, plus casually posh environment. No matter what the needs of the industrial project, CheekyUmbrella carries alternatives to meet any design preferences or budgetary difficulties.

To find out more about patio umbrellas, read CheekyUmbrella to find out more about patio umbrella.

Commercial Patio Umbrellas for sale include marketplace umbrellas, patio umbrellas, and even shade structures giving tone defense against the sunshine at swimming pools plus recreation areas are the necessary protection for typically the sun's harmful Ultra-violet light. Whether you will need market umbrellas, patio umbrellas, cafe umbrellas or large shade buildings, we have the best-made umbrellas. Pool Furniture Offer sells umbrellas that just last longer than typically the cheap ones from lower price retailers. Get out associated with the rut of on a regular basis replacing umbrellas since they crack or the fabric divots. Our commercial umbrellas are simply at the top Major resorts, Hotels, cafes, bistros, going swimming pools, and local swimming pools. Be sure to core your umbrella properly along with a heavy base intended for freestanding or how to be able to use Ubrace for basic safety whenever using your umbrella along with a patio table. Observe our guide on Exactly how to Choose the Perfect Umbrella.

Should you be looking intended for that special restaurant outdoor patio umbrella or the excellent commercial patio umbrella to your cafe, hotel, pool or any type of commercial space, this will be the place. These deck umbrellas are actually chosen since perfect for any industrial establishment, including sidewalk cafe's, outdoor restaurants, restaurant patios, hotel poolsides or beachfront fronts, or your terrace space. We specialize within offering the perfect professional wind resistant patio coverage for those windy places as well.