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Best Corporate Gift Ideas: Custom Umbrellas

Posted by Jen Zurowski on

There are loads of options for promotional gifts - from mugs to hats to keychains.  We believe umbrellas custom printed with your logo or artwork are one of the best corporate gifts to give and here's why:

  • Useful:  You don't want to give a gift that the recipient won't use...what a waste!  Since it rains just about everywhere, umbrellas are practical gifts that everyone can use.
  • Memorable:  Since umbrellas are not as common as pens, bags or apparel for corporate gifts, it will stand out and will be remembered by your customers.
  • Visible:  Umbrellas provide eye-catching outdoor advertising for your company/brand. 

Of course you want the gift to show your level of appreciation, so you don't want it to be poor quality!  For a premium quality umbrella custom printed with your company's logo or artwork, please contact us at Cheeky Umbrella for a quote!


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